ChromeEngage – A new way to generate leads Review


What Is ChromEngage?

ChromEngage creates Chrome Extensions ready to publish instantly, that become powerful leadmagnets on your website and inside the Google Extension directory.

Making the lead magnets is SO EASY!  In the sales video I actually demonstrate how I was able to:

– Build the extension
– Connect push notifications
– Submit it to the Chrome Extension directory
– Have it approved and live
– Connect the system with my site
– Start collecting leads which mean more money!

Create & Publish Push Notification-Ready,
Chrome Extension Lead Magnets QUICK





ChromEngage Main Product

Chrome Lead Generation System, SaaS platform with 1 click WP connection plugin

25 ChromEngage Lead Magnets: $27
10 ChromEngage Lead Magnets: $19.97
1 ChromEngage Lead Magnet: $9.97



ChromElite Pro Access

The pro version of software unlocks many features and additional customisation options for your website widget display, including branding options, appearance and function extras

Price: $27





An incredible bundle including:
– Developers Rights
– Unlimited Licenses Unlocked
– 8 Part Advanced Practices Bundle
– 10 Part DFY Giveaway & AR Collection

Price: $47




Resellers & Lead Capture Bundle

Includes resellers/agency level access with client dashboard, price setting and user management for up to 250 customers.

AND our collection of over 50 Done For You Lead Generation funnels too!

Price: $97


When it comes to this product I recomend you purchase which ever one you think fits your needs. There really isnt a best one or one thats better than all of the rest. Really it just depends on your preferene and how sirious you truly are about this product and your business. Of course the more you spend the higher your return will be so if you are truly looking to boost your leads and buckle down with your buissness i would say go all out and get the Resellers and Lead Capture Bundle. This program will probubly give you the best bang for your buck. If you’re not that serious or sceptical then I believe you should go with the Main Product which will probubly give you great results for what its worth. I hope you all enjoyed this review and I hope you all enjoy the Product. I wish you all better results and good luck!


how do you feel? let me know.