Commission Bullseye – The best way to get conversions? Review


What is Commission Bullseye?

       Commission Bullseye Turns Regular Blog Normal Traffic Into The Extraordinary. Displaying Different, More Targeted Content According To The Visitors Location

This new WordPress software instantly makes every single visitor to your website more profitable

It’s just gone on sale – at a price you won’t see ever again  (and… they’re including unlimited sites
AND developers licenses too at this once-off, crazy low price)

Commission Bullseye takes targeting your offers to new heights allowing you to:

[+] Show Amazon ads from multiple countries
[+] Display popups, attention bars and more
[+] Use shortcodes to place content anywhere
[+] Show images, videos, optin codes and more
[+] Automate it all and double your profits

You can even display a pop up ONLY to a certain countries audience, with
a message that will be relevant and more enticing than anything they
are seeing on ‘normal’ websites.

Or just display a welcome message that really catches their eye.

The best thing about it, is that once it’s set up, it will auto-detect audiences
and show them content how you’re choosing forever. Giving your blog
a permanent sales boost fast!

And for even faster profits, there’s an Auto-Amazon function that lets you
– Add Amazon accounts for ALL available Amazon API ready countries
– Choose a keyword and automatically display targeted ads

It couldn’t be easier – now your ads will be 100% relevant, products your visitors can buy in their own country.

What does it do?

       Upload and display images, add automatically curated Amazon ads (in any country you choose) or let your imagination run wild with our easy-to-use WYSIWIG editor and HTML builder.

       Add videos, segment lead gen with optin forms or use it to insert simple key phrases that targeted to get higher response rates – or, even entire articles, headlines, special affiliate promotions and more!

Amazon Ads:

  • Promote Amazon ads from a country more relevant to your visitor
  • Easy ad display, choose the keyword, geo location (and Amazon affiliate account you want to use) and ad position. 

Image/Banner Ads:

  • Upload banners and hyperlink to any offer, choosing where they will go on click
  • Show different images if you like, or the same image and just send them to alternate landing pages

Anything Else Ads:

  • Video content
  • Segmented lead gen/optin forms
  • Headlines or even one word targeted key phrases
  • Unique dynamic affiliate promos
  • Even entire articles that will only show to people you choose



My Thoughts

This is a great product and the fact that you can create a sales page for any country and  in any language is really unique and is like something I’ve never seen before. This product is great and if you enjoy what you got for free there is a whole lot more where that came from if you actually purchase comission bullseye. I would give this product a 4.7 out of 5 stars the amount of traphic you can keep by having this software is truley amazing. So what are you waiting for get access now to the best software thatll help you make more commmission than you could ever believe.



how do you feel? let me know.