Easiest And Fastest Video Page Builder: Instant Video Builder


The importance of video pages for an internet marketer’s business can never be overstressed.

A video page generates more leads which yield greater exposure and growth for your brand due to the viral nature of videos. Your audience will stay longer on your page and will be better able to consume your content effortlessly, not to mention in a fun and engaging way.

Using videos on your squeeze page or review page or sales page or landing page increases conversion by as much as 80% to 90%. This is because your audience can put a voice and a person behind your product and in that way can begin to build trust.

When building your video page though, you certainly don’t want to use a video page builder that:

  • Is overly complicated;
  • Has a super complex learning curve and hence is not suitable for someone who is a complete newbie at handling technical stuff;
  • Has low quality templates;
  • Has templates that take long hours to edit;
  • Has templates that are not customizable at all;
  • Is bugged down with too many unnecessary widgets and settings;
  • Does not have rich features;
  • Is not mobile responsive;
  • Takes too long to load up;
  • Requires you to know how to code;
  • Requires you to own a website or have your own hosting plan.

Now, of a truth, there are so many drag-and-drop page builders out there already, presenting you with numerous options and hundreds of templates.

During his years as an internet marketer making over three million dollars in sales online, Brett Rutecky had used so many of these drag-and-drop page builders. Brett even employed his skills as an experienced software developer in creating a few pages builders himself.

What Brett discovered is that every single one of the page builders he had used has a problem of its own. So Brett decided to note down these problems and tackle them in his next project to create a page builder.

Introducing The Instant Video Pages Plugin

Every one of these page builders Brett experimented with in his own business had the problem of being too complicated. The thing about a complicated page builder is that it takes too long to learn how to use it, probably weeks. After that it takes many hours to put together a single page.

Who’s got time that kind of time to spend building a single page when you need multiple video pages, though? Time is money.

But the Instant Video Pages is nothing like one of those at all.

In fact, it takes a mere 60 seconds to put together a video page. Yes, you heard me. A mere 60 seconds! And even less once you get a hang of it. It’s that simple.

Brett created a system that is:

  • Video ready (considering the fact that videos convert better);
  • Fully mobile responsive;
  • Proven to increase conversion rates astronomically;
  • Easily customizable to suit your preferences;
  • Super quick and super easy to use with no complicated learning curve to it.

You do not need coding skills. You do not even need to be a technology geek to use this plugin. You do not need a website. You do not need hosting or domain. Your video page will be 100% hosted for you.

Your videos will have:

  • High, professional quality and proven to convert absolutely well (Brett Rutecky uses them in his own 7 figure per year business);
  • YouTube integration with advanced features like auto redirect at the end of the video, and built-in scarcity;
  • Any time zone you like.


There is no system out there in the market that does what my system does. Instant video pages is definitely one in a million. You should give it a try today. You’ll love it.



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