One of the most important elements needed for the long term success of a company or business is quality customer service. The importance of a good customer service cannot be written off, which is why you need to infuse Lifetime Chat into your business. When you provide your potential and existing customers with a memorable and worthwhile experience as well as fast support when they need it, they will become your greatest vocal advocates, helping you grow your customer base with their testimonies, thereby increasing your revenue.

Now, what exactly does it mean to provide your customers with a memorable and worthwhile experience? This is the type of experience where you cater to the needs of your potential and existing customers before, during, and after they have made a purchase from your store or company. Being able to answer their questions, reply their comments, and address their concerns will make them feel reassured about what you and your business stand for. A worthwhile customer experience is when you are able to give your customers or clients an open dialogue in order to quickly address any concern or issue they might be experiencing with your service or products.

Sadly, while a lot of businesses know this, they do not know how to implement it into their businesses. The question now is, how can you create a worthwhile experience for your customers? You can do this through the use of a live chat service.
Technology has evolved over the years and now, this worthwhile customer experience is easy to address. With a software like Lifetime Chat, you can create the kind of environment explained above for your potential and existing customers.


Lifetime Chat is a live chat service that helps you add a human factor to your business or company website, providing you with the opportunity to solve your customer issues easily and efficiently. Live chat services have been around for a while but not everyone is implementing it in their business. And for those who are, they are always charged exorbitant fees by agents since the live chat system is one that has been proven to work. In fact, according to studies, forty four percent of consumers complete an online transaction because there was someone to assist them live, right on the spot. Researches have also shown that sixty three percent of consumers are likely to go back to a website that provides live chat services. Now, you see why live chat agents charge businesses a whole lot.
Lifetime Chat is here to address the issue of costs while providing you with everything a live chat service has to offer. Lifetime Chat will not only help you improve your customer experience, we’ll also help you save on costs as we charge incredibly low fees for our services. You might be curious about the functionalities you’ll get when you use or live chat services. Well, we have listed them below for you:


 You’ll Have Access to Lifetime Information  – We’ll provide you with features such as visitor tracking, agent transfer, canned messages, visitor location, emoji and more. That’s not all. We’ll also provide you with information about your business and help your team improve as we are equipped with reports that will help you learn what your customers are expecting from you. Right from the moment a visitor logs onto your website, you’ll be granted access to their location, chat history, visitor trails, and lots more. To make this better, we have a ninety day chat history system. This simply means that you can always go back to check what most customers are asking for, the problems you have successfully solved and the hindrances and hurdles your customers have faced so as to ensure that no other customer has an experience like that on your website.

       You’ll Be Connected For Life – Lifetime Chat has a unique and well-designed web app that has been built with utmost attention to detail. You and your agents are going to have an enjoyable experience while working with our apps. This software also has a native Windows app and a native MacOS app. While our iOS app is on the way, we have successfully created a fully featured Android app for mobile devices.

 Lifetime Lightweight Virtualized Cages – Unlike other live chat services who put over 10, 000 live chat client accounts in the same database, we provide each and every single customer of ours with their own environment endowed with partitioned server memory. Each of our customer accounts also have CPU and connections as well as databases for security to themselves. While this is expensive and a little difficult for us, we are all about making sure your data and that of your customers remain secure.
Putting all of these functionalities together, Lifetime Chat is going to help you improve your customer experience in a way that will “wow” you as you are bound to enjoy the benefits listed below, including:

  • Convenience to customers in real-time
  • Increased traffic and web conversions
  • Reduce website errors
  • No language barriers
  • Low costs on agents
  • Superb connections
  • Provide solutions to customers in a fast, easy, and effective way
  • Prevent cart abandonment
  • Reduces the volume of calls
  • Improves your CRM

Helps you generate more revenue, and lots of other exciting benefits.
If you are tired of wasting dollar after dollar on live chat agents, the best solution is for you to join the Lifetime Chat service. And to make everything better, you only make your payment once. After that your renewal is totally free. Don’t lose out on improving your business. Join the Lifetime Chat service today and watch your business boom.



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