Photolemur 2.2 Spectre

The task of editing and beautifying an image can be quite intense most especially if you do not have a really nice software like the Photolemur. Image editing is a complicated process. This is because it involves some other jobs such as correction mask, clipping path, removing unwanted objects, color correction and a whole lot of other processes. Being able to combine all of these processes together to make your image become spectacular is something that will provide you as an individual or a business person with a lot of advantages. That is why a great photo editor is a must.
Unfortunately, a lot of photo editors on the market promise functions and processes they are unable to deliver. That is why we have worked so hard to create a smart photo editing software that is bound to take your images to the next level. This software is known as Photolemur.

Photolemur is the next big thing in the world of photography. Have you ever wanted your photo editing software to be able to discern the difference each element in your photo? Well, our software can. It can detect the difference between elements like the sky, foliage, mountains, even humans. Yes, that’s how smart the Photolemur is. Let’s take you a bit deeper into what you get with our beautiful photo editing software.


Perfection – Photolemur helps you beautify your image by providing you with sharper and vivid colors via our color recovery and tint perfection processor. You image will be fine-tuned with precision and crystal clear colors.

Smart Editor – With our foliage enhancement and exposure compensation, your hiking, picnic, and other outdoor activity pictures just got better. As we noted earlier, Photolemur is a smart photo editing software that can differentiate between each element in a photo. This simply means that you’ll be able to enhance any specific part of your photo, no matter what it is. With functionalities such as smart dehaze, sky enhancement, natural light correction and noise reduction, even you will be amazed by how beautiful you picture has become.

Saves Time – Photolemur provides you with the ability to save time. How you might ask? Well, our photo editing program allows you to edit photos in bulk. This means that you can edit as many photos as you want all at once. Super cool, right?

Export Anywhere – You can export your refined pictures anywhere. Whether you want it on your device’s memory or you want to post it on a social media outlet, or perhaps, you’d like to mail it to a loved one, no matter where you want to send your photos to, Photolemur is ready get them there.

Ease – Our cool photo editing software is also equipped with the drag and drop feature. You can choose between automatic enhancement and manual editing. Photolemur is all about making photo editing easy for you while still providing you with immaculate, gorgeous pictures.


So what are you waiting for? Are you looking to improve your business, get more likes on social media, create cool collages, or simply beautify your captured moments? Then hop on the Photolemur train and get your pictures beautified.


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