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What is SociLive?

There was a time when people had to go from door to door in order to promote their products and services. If you have to do that in the present age it will look very awkward. However. If you will pay close attention even after using the internet you are using the door to door business marking campaigns without even noticing. This is the reason that you have been unable to generate the leads you always wanted. To help you get rid of this fake process so you can generate some real leads we have SociLive Stream for you. Here are some of the interesting benefits you will get from the technology.

Better engagement!

The biggest attraction of SociLive Stream prerecorded videos. The videos will be high-quality and they will grab the attention of your customers with such perfection that they will find it hard to leave the platform without checking your business website and the products or services you are providing. It means that more visitor you will get better will be chances of increase in sales.

Works for all businesses!

SociLive Stream prerecorded videos are not for a particular website or business when you will get the videos on your computer you have to personalize them by adding a few images and logo of your business. It will look like you have created the video. It will look like the videos have been specially prepared for your business. Despite your niche and business get the SociLive Stream.

100% Compatible!

The feature you will love about SociLive Stream is that its videos are 10% compatible with the social media sites.

⦁ You can easily and quickly share them on YouTube and Facebook
⦁ There is no need to edit the video because with SociLive Stream videos will be all videos will be already edited and adjusted according to requirements of Facebook and YouTube
⦁ It will give you peace of mind that you are using a reliable platform.


SociLive Stream is user-friendly. There is no need to learn any technical skills because in the first few attempts you will learn how the technology works. You will be marketing your business no-time which means that you will get a chance to generate leads instead of wasting your time on learning how to use the software.

No monthly payment!

This is highly affordable and until the launch, you will not have to deal with any kind of monthly payments. There are minor payments after launch but the services are available at affordable cost. It means that is nothing to worry about the budget.

Bottom line!

SociLive Stream has been developed with the latest technology and it is a highly secured site. You will not have to worry about any security threat. Once you have launched the software into your system you can utilize it the way you want like it is your personal software. Get more customers and provide them with quality services so they will come back on your platform.

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