Steal My Closely Guarded Solo Ads Funnel And Buying Strategy


All affiliates and information marketers need to drive traffic to their sales page or product review page or blog. The most common techniques for driving traffic are SEO, Paid Ads campaigns and Solo Ads campaigns. The most lucrative of these techniques is Solo Ads.

The reason is that it’s cheaper and helps you make money and build your own email list faster.

As lucrative as it actually is, however, solo ads have somehow gathered the reputation of being risky or altogether as comatose as dead.

But that’s only because people are doing it wrong.

Allow Me To Help

Hi. I’m Shane Bost.

I’m here to introduce the Solo Ads Professor, a detailed Master Video Course teaching a high-converting solo ads funnels and buying strategy in which I will guide you on how to set up a brand new solo ads campaign and also help you to double, triple, even quadruple your OTO sales on solo ads by as much as 25% within 24hrs.

Listen. I know. I’ve been there myself. I remember thinking, “This solo ads stuff is crap!” when I started out. I remember I felt like crying when I generated my first 10 subscribers with zero sales and a big fat $0, and going broke very quickly while I was at it.

Instead of quitting though, I decided to do my own research and crack this solo ads mystery so that I can help other marketers who:

  • Are tired of losing money to solo ads;
  • Desire to learn how to set up a high-converting sales funnel and solo ads campaign;
  • Want to know what type of funnels to be using for solo ads traffic.


I dug into every information I could find.

Most of the information I found was hazy. I decided to work it out by myself. I poured in hours upon grueling hours of work and study and testing and tears and an empty bank account……until I finally found the solution.

I figured out all on my own a solo ads formula that began to yield me up to 50-100% of the cost of the solo ads I’d purchased within 24hrs.

Why Solo Ads Professor?

The reason you can trust the Solo Ads Professor is that I’ve been through process, and I can show you how to do it. I’ve done all the failing for you, and you don’t have to lose any more money.

In this video series you will also find:

  • A sneak peak at my solo ad squeeze page and sales page to demonstrate what a high converting funnel looks like;
  • How to research and buy only top quality solo ads that direct buying traffic to your page;
  • The 1 free super easy tool I use when tracking the profitability of all my solo ads;
  • The x5 cash milking types of sales funnels you should know when using solo ads;
  • The killer “out of the box” crucial tactic you MUST use to create your squeeze page;
    And so much more!

This isn’t just some cleverly rewritten and repackaged information product. The formula has been tested and proven for 2 years running. And the strategies I teach? No one else teaches them.

Most of these information marketers either don’t really want you to know their secrets or they just haven’t been through the process themselves. But I have, and I want you to know the formula I’ve developed that worked for me and still works for me.

This course is suitable for rookie internet marketers, and you don’t even need to have your own products created beforehand because you can use affiliate products. Advanced marketers, and even experts, can also gain a thing or two to add to their knowledge bank. I can even show you how to write the email swipes and the best type of swipes to use, no matter what your niche may be.

You can still make the maximum amount of money back from your solo ads.

Solo ads work…..but only if you learn HOW TO USE THEM. Allow me to show you how.


how do you feel? let me know.