Truly unique: Instastorie, Video Creation Platform

Videos rule!

In today’s social marketing across the internet, videos have come to occupy a vital position as one of the key elements to helping your business succeed.

And Instastorie is catching in on that fact.

Statistics have it that Facebook and Snapchat are surpassing 8 billion views in videos. And it is no wonder that YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the internet with more than 2 billion subscribers watching countless hours of viral videos every single day.

Often when you talk of videos, YouTube comes to mind and people think that your marketing videos therefore have to be long and expensive and on YouTube to grab any attention. But with the rise of other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter and Vine, quick videos can be created and shared in the shortest amount of time possible just like snacks.

We do admit though that it does take some skill to create really captivating and thorough video while keeping it short and going straight to the point. It requires some skill to quickly capture the attention of your audience with gestures and graphics.

But who says that you can only use videos for your marketing when you are a big brand with a big budget? And who says you can only create captivating and exciting videos when you are a geek at graphics?

Well, if any of that was your bother, Instastorie is here with a solution for the little start-ups with little budget for a big commercial and no graphics skills.

Introducing Instastorie

Instastorie is a video creation platform that makes it super easy to create awesome videos in super quick time.

Social media marketing videos are not complete without text, animation, your info and most importantly your Call To Action. So how do you integrate all these if you’re not familiar with graphics?

Well, Instastorie will handle all if that for you! Our video creation platform is like no other out in the markets.
Our platform comes complete with video creation templates that are fully and easily customizable. Each of our unique templates was exclusively created for Vidoyo by a professional video company in San Diego. So this covers the part about professionalism that you were concerned about and that’s keeping you from creating simple marketing videos for your brand.

These videos are so professionally done that they’re suitable for commercials and video ads, local marketing and even more.

Here are some of the most exciting features of this product:

  • You can upload image videos yourself or choose from our library of stock photos and high quality videos to create your slides.


  • You can choose different colours for your video backgrounds. You can choose from a variety of different and beautiful transitions to enable you exit from one slide and enter into another or exit from one video and enter into another.


  • Within the photo slides and videos, you will find placeholders for where you can enter your text or info about your product or event or activity that you’re trying to pass a message about.


  • There are also placeholders for you to enter your Call To Action.


  • You can change the text within a particular slide or video.


  • You can also change the positioning of your texts as suit your preferences.
    The templates are complete with many graphics effects and filters to add beauty and variety to your video, and you decide how long you want your video to be.

And there is so much more to look forward to with Instastorie.

So why are you waiting? Get access NOW to the free online event that reveals this extraordinary, never-before-seen video creation platform. Register NOW and get free access, a full Demo, free video marketing tips, early bird privileges and lots more!


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