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Email marketing is an excellent way to create awareness of your product and put some sales on the board. The process of building an email list might not be too familiar to just anybody. But a good email list can be the bedrock of building a brand that will stand the test of time.

What is an email list?

An email list is a list of people subscribed to receive updates, offers, bonuses, and product information directly to their Inbox from you.
The way people build a list is entirely regulated in other to phish out spam and malicious contents from filtering into people’s inbox. These malicious sites might steal sensitive information from vulnerable victims. To better manage the way a list works, platforms like Aweber and Getresponse became responsible for filtering who sends what to the other with each other’s consent.

Why do people pay so much for building a list?

The size of your list determines how much you pay to these third party platforms. But sometimes a list might be very full but not everybody on the list has actually confirmed their subscription to receive emails from you.

This situation leaves a gaping hole for you the owner of the list, who has to pay the third party email marketing platforms like Aweber and Getresponse. You’re not getting sales from people who subscribed but haven’t confirmed their subscription. To top it all, you can’t send them emails, thereby causing you to lose any future earnings.

What are the solutions people in such situation come up with?

Logically, there is nothing you can do. Because both of you met through a faceless medium (online) and you can’t contact each other except through emails. It’s not as if you can reach them and say, “please confirm your subscription,” so you are stuck.
To help curb these excesses, a WP plugin has been invented that allows sellers weed out those people that subscribed to receiving their offer but never confirmed. The WP listlock plugin will stop your email support system from Aweber, and Getresponse to stop hitting your inbox anytime a failed delivery occurs due to unconfirmed subscription.

What does the WP listlock do mostly?

The built-in mechanism of the plugin works in a way that if an unconfirmed email subscriber should revisit your page, and still hasn’t confirmed the email, a bonus page for him to do so pops up. Nevertheless, you can customize a message and display to them the minute they visit your page for fresh stuff.

Still confused about setting up a page?

You can create a page on various free or membership sites on the net.
Add your WP listlock plugin to your browser and your good to go.
Every bonus page you have created would be protected by a code inserted in the WP listlock to block contents. That way, anyone who hasn’t confirmed their subscription couldn’t access the offer until they do so.
There is also a ten-minute video detailing how to create a page for your email opt-ins.

Why you should buy WP listlock

  • To stop paying unnecessary fees for your email marketing platform
  • To better project your revenue
  • To build more contact via Paypal email of people who bought your product
  • To weed out unresponsive contacts




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